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2D and 3D 360 video production including drone capture

Full range of 360 video and photo production services, including ground and aerial footage as well as integration for websites and apps. We can also help you produce 360 VR test footage anywhere in China. Get in touch if you have questions on how to optimize your 360 camera rigs or aerial drone setup.

VR 360 post-production and stitching

Professional 360 video stitching service as well as end-to-end 360 video post production, including blending, stabilizing, compositing and color matching for 2D and 3D 360 video and pano images. 72-hour turnaround anywhere in the world via our high-speed cloud transfer service.

Customised VR Headsets

Customised VR headsets. We work directly with manufacturers in China to offer the ideal combination of functionality, personalisation and price to suit your needs.

See our 360 stitching

360 drone panotour Shanghai

(This 360 panotour file is very large - please make sure you're on a wifi connection)


We are passionate about the future of virtual reality. Our mission is to allow our customers to create awesome VR content in a simple, reliable and cost-effective manner. From our base in Shanghai, our international team has been 360 video stitching since 2012 and has shot 360 content at over 4000 locations.

As VR geeks, we love being in China where innovation and investment in VR content, headsets and drones is exploding and we strive to make these resources available to our partners around the world. Why not get in touch with us to see how we could work together to improve your VR production workflow.


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