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Are you still stitching your 360 videos yourself? Wouldn’t you rather focus more on the creative aspects of 360 film making? StitchedUp VR is the professional 360 video stitching house to help you grow your studio.

Who are we?

StitchedUp VR is a Shanghai based post-production house specialising in VR and 360 video content – especially 360 video stitching. Our international team is passionate about VR and has been shooting and stitching 360 video and images since 2012. In total there are 7 people at our Shanghai location including 4 full-time stitchers.

What do we do?

Our main focus is stitching 360 video footage in both 2D and 3D. Footage can be stationary, moving and shot from drones. Our standard stitching workflow includes stitching, blending, stabilisation and colour matching but we also offer additional services such as rotoscoping, compositing, creating and adding graphics and 3D objects. If you have footage that needs fixing or artefacts to remove, just drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help.

Other services we are able to provide include 360 video capture (static, aerial, 2D, 3D) as well as sourcing of VR headsets, VR cameras/rigs and drones capable of 360 video capture.

What tools do we use?

For the perfect finish, we recommend using Nuke with Cara VR for all 360 video stitching. This process takes a little longer than other software, but the results speak for themselves.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the tools we use when stitching:

  • 3D 360 Video Stitching:
    Nuke + Cara VR
  • 2D 360 Video Stitching:
    Nuke + Cara VR, AutoPano Video Pro (AVP)

360 Video Stitching Cara VR

360 Video File Transfer

To facilitate the fast and secure transfer of files to and from your location, you can take advantage of our free and fast StitchedUp VR cloud. Each customer is provided with a unique and secure set of credentials to upload content to our cloud via FTP.

Once you’ve uploaded your data to the cloud, our team will begin work stitching your content.

Stitched 360 Video footage is returned either via Dropbox or FTP depending on file size.

Data Protection

All your data is securely stored on the cloud and on an off-line server kept in-house for a period of three months. After this time, all files are deleted.

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