On set in Fake Paris, China!

Earlier this month we were hired to shoot some test 360 footage at Tianducheng, better known as Fake Paris, China.

Tianducheng, located two hours south of Shanghai, was intended to be a luxury town catering to the upper class. Complete with Champs-Elysees, Trocadero and even a one-third scale Eiffel Tower, the town fell into abandon even before construction was complete. Now Tianducheng is a ghost town.

If the setting looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen the Jamie XX video Gosh.

For the actual footage we used a custom built 6-GoPro rig. Then we had some fun mounting a Theta S to the dolly – see the video below.

Click here to see footage from the dolly.

Fake Eiffel Tower 360 VR Stitching Service


StitchedUp VR specialises in 360 video stitching services and VR production from our base in Shanghai.

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